Higher Education

Human capital investment provides protection against labor market risk and uncertainty. Designing and implementing efficient policies for encouraging and subsidizing postsecondary enrollment and attainment is crucial for effectively improving workforce quality.  With colleagues, Fitzpatrick has examined the efficiency and long run effects of merit aid programs, which offer scholarships for in-state postsecondary attendance.


Selected Publications

Fitzpatrick, Maria D. and A. Damon Jones. 2016. “Higher Education, Merit-Based Scholarships and Post-Baccalaureate Migration. Economics of Education Review. 54: 155-172.

Fitzpatrick, Maria D. and Sarah Turner. 2007. “Blurring the Boundary: Changes in the Transition from College Participation to Adulthood.” in Sheldon Danziger and Cecilia Rouse (Eds.). The Price of Independence: The Economics of Early Adulthood Initiatives. New York: Russell Sage Foundation.